The Crew

Who is CEO McClain u ask? To describe him in one word would be “Undeniable.” CEO created NoAdvisory with the hopes of bridging the gap between radio and podcasting. With two of his favorite shows the Breakfast Club and Drink Champs, CEO wanted NoAdvisory podcast to be the perfect mix of the two highly popular platforms.


Originally from Brooklyn N.Y and now residing in Charlotte North Carolina, CEO McClain always had a passion and drive to be successful and be heard. Working for others was never really an option in the foreseeable future for CEO for he always wanted to be his own boss and work with like-minded individuals who shared his passion and drive for success. With the online success of his clothing line KreativeApparel, CEO was able to put his earnings into creating now Charlotte’s hottest podcast NoAdvisory! In as little as a years time, and with the help of his squad, NoAdvisory Podcast is becoming the most talked about and most popular podcast in the 704!


Being a host was never part of the plan for CEO for he wanted to sit back and watch the fruit of his labor sprout and flourish into the Podcasting Juggernaut that he knew NoAdvisory would become, but given his personality and his background in music, the mic is where CEO feels the most comfortable and even better…..HOME… So y’all might as well get used to hearing and seeing his voice and face because NoAdvisory podcast is not going anywhere!!

INSTAGRAM: mrceomcclain

Guymaica the Creator is the oldest member of the No Advisory Podcast group.  On air and to friends he is better known as Uncle Merce.  Born in “GUYMAICA” and raised in East Flatbush Brooklyn N.Y., he was blessed to be a part of the No Advisory crew from the very beginning.  With the blending of multiple personalities, No Advisory has shown that no matter where you from, or who you are, the ability to mesh for the purpose of building requires no recipe, just dedication. What he loves about this podcast is that they have the ability to reach multiple people, in multiple areas, made up of multiple cultures, and what he hopes to be able to bring to the table is an awareness that brings communities together with the purpose of helping one another.


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IG: guymaica

NoAdvisory’s Kinfolk Jay and Trap Syd are part of the podcast team as well as our event correspondents. Jay Statham aka Kinfolk Jay is originally from Florida. When he’s not busy covering an event or interviewing artist, he is out selling real estate and being a super dad. Sydney Way aka Trap Syd, is originally from Charlotte, NC. When she’s not busy covering an event or interviewing artists, she is running her business, “Lashed by Lizzie”, as well as hosting her show “Rhyme N Drive’ and curating her playlist- Trap Syd’s Playlist.

Sydney (Trapsyd) & Jayyflavor

Darius W. Aka Sleeze or Youngwelch, from south side of Chicago, il. I have a Social Work Degree from Livingstone College, and Liberal Arts from Oakland Community in Michigan.

VP of Yardtalk101 VP of Yardtalk101

Crew for tv show HBCU 101 on Aspiretv

Co-Host and 1/6 member of Hbcu Pride Nation presents Meet Me At The Cafe The Podcast

Outside Marketing for 3 time Award Winning “best podcast in clt” No Advisory Podcast

Outside Marketing for NoAdvisory presents Training Day Clt (open mic)

VP of Recruitment for Serious Threat Athletic Recruitment and Development.
-Dedicated to the promotion of HBCU and small college Education, Athletics and Culture

IG: youngwelch

Charlotte’s Favorite BBW, Chocolate Dymond aka Shy – Queen of the Knee Lick Nation!! Born in Charlotte with roots in Kentucky, New York & Africa. Her strong and opinionated mindset lead her to media & the podcast realm. However, she wants to use her voice & platform for the nerds alike. Mainly, the BLERD (black nerd) community. Proving it’s perfectly fine to be black & educated in all subjects.


IG: chocolate_dymond

He claims he’s the only comedian with a rapper lifestyle. From the Queen City(Cincinnati) to the Queen City(Charlotte), its the young, energetic, rockstar comedian of the world. Not just the city, but the WORLD… Mookie

IG: mookieimmature

The one and only “Eclass2018” aka Elliott Rice is from Brooklyn New York. He became part of NoAdvisory Podcast to bring his contribution to culture, to educate, entertain, inform, and to inspire with laughs.   He knew what he had to bring to the Charlotte social life and No Advisory was the perfect outlet. He’s ready to help his team wherever needed because he knows the sky is the limit.

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